Airedale Precision Air Conditioning


Increasing efficiency with cutting-edge technology

Airedale Precision Air Conditioning : The SmartCoolTM dedicated chilled water (CW) range (SN, SR and SD units) is a selection of next generation, ultra-efficient precision air conditioning units, which provide extremely quiet and accurate climate control for the reliable and consistent operation of data centre systems and other critical applications.

Airedale Precision Air Conditioning

Taking building management to another level

ACIS™ building management system developed by Airedale enables you to manage smart cooling and other building services, from any manufacturer, in a single, integrated system across multiple sites and communication protocols. ACIS™ sits at the front end of a building system, putting you in control of reducing operating costs. With the click of a button on a PC, tablet or phone, intelligent information can be pulled back automatically for remote 24/7 monitoring and maintenance; enhanced system operation and improved decision-making.



DeltaChill, TurboChill, FreeCool

ESEER up to 5.10 with EC fan option, Class A EER up to 3.60, ESEER up to 5.67, Free-cooling for up to 95% per annum with TCF, EER over 15.0 at part load an increase of 22%, Up to 23% saved in operating costs p.a compared to the leading competitor screw chiller (based on an annual cycle in Leeds, UK at 50% load)


Precision Air Conditioning

SmartCool, SmartCool Inverter, SmartCool Compressor

21% energy saving in free-cooling dual cool Variant, Up to 30% more cooling kW/m2 compared to similar leading competitor units (CW range), EER up to 52.4 (CW range), Up to 21% more cooling kW/m2 compared with nearest competitor units, Up to 45% more cooling kW/m2 compared to fixed speed compressor systems


IT Cooling

OnRak, InRak, AireTile

88% saving in power input an OnRak with EC fan and an EER of 144.7, EER 114.45 (n); 183.02 (n+1). n+1 fan configuration for increased efficiency and resilience, Over 50% saving in energy when integrated with a free-cooling chiller, EER up to 108.03 - n + 1, CW (600mm); EER up to 73.6 - n + 1, CW (300mm), 70% energy saving p.a. with EC fan, 17 - 100% fully modulated cooling for substantial energy savings when operating at part load


Condensers. Condensing Units

BluCube, Air Cooled Condensers & Dry Coolers, Condensing Units

Up to 30% increase in system effi ciency with remote electronic expansion valve (REEV); standard with digital scroll compressor, an option on fi xed capacity models, 44% more cooling per m2 average compared with a conventional CU system, Microchannel reduces coil volume up to 50% reducing system refrigerant charge, Up to 70% more effi ciency with EC fans option on R410A models

Precision Air Conditioning

Designed for a wide range of applications where close control, high precision air conditioning is essential, including data centre cooling, medium and low density server environments, telecom switching stations, medical operating theatres and clean room environments.

Special Air Conditioning Units for Data Centers

Airedale provides a flexible, high efficiency range of cooling solutions which optimises the performance of the equipment, as well as managing the environmental impact of the data centre.

Up to 70% more efficient

Electronically commutated (EC) fans give an increased performance for reduced power input

More precise capacity match

Quiet and cost-effective scroll compressors in tandem sets for part load efficiencies (20 – 64kW up flow and selected downflow models)

Using less power input

Efficient de-humidification uses less mechanical cooling and minimum re-heat whilst maintaining precise humidification control

More cooling, less space claim

Slab evaporator combined with hydrophilic fin technology to give more cooling in an extremely compact footprint

50 – 100% modulation

When the EasiCool™ is supplied with an optional suction throttle valve and electronic expansion valve compared with a standard tandem scroll compressor confi guration

Easy to install and maintain

The rigid aluminum exo-frame allows for full service from the front and full 360° unit service and maintenance access via detachable access panels.