Airedale OnRak™3kW – 35kW

OnRak™3kW – 35kW

The OnRak™ server rack air conditioner is a resilient rear door heat exchanger, designed to manage high discharge temperatures directly from the server into the aisle space.

In dealing with the heat load closer to the source, the OnRak™ is highly efficient in both power usage and floor space and is ideal for targeting hot spots in medium to high density IT environments.

The OnRak™ has a slim configuration which adds the only 200mm to the depth of the rack, reducing the cooling space claim whilst providing up to 35kW of cooling. The OnRak™ offers an expandable, adaptable chilled water cooling system that is extremely flexible. In an open aisle architecture, it can easily be applied directly to a 42 – 48U rack or supplied with a mating frame to fit any manufacturer’s rack.




  • EC axial fans for ultimate efficiency: Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 114.5 (n); 183.0 (n+1)
  • 88% energy saving p.a. with EC fan compared with conventional CRAC unit
  • Integration with a free cooling chiller for up to 50% energy savings


  • Variable speed fans for precise cooling between 3kW – 35kW
  • Flexible water connections maintain cooling when the door is open
  • Compact 200mm profile minimising space claim


  • Hot-swappable fans allowing fan assembly to be replaced while a unit is running
  • Door open airflow management
  • Water detection and automatic isolation


  • Efficient rear door heat exchanger with 200mm footprint
  • Two configurations: (n) 35kW cooling (100% air volume); optional (n+1) 30kW cooling (75% air volume)
  • Designed to fit 42 – 47U racks
  • Supplied with an integrated rack or adapted to fit a customer-specific rack, with simple connections
  • Pressure differential management – maintaining pressure in the rear of the rack within the server design envelope
  • Water detection and automatic isolation
  • Self-regulating constant flow control simplifies commissioning
  • High-efficiency aluminium fin heat exchanger and integral coil guard


  • n + 1 fan configuration for increased efficiency and uptime
  • Aisle pressure control managing pressure between the hot and cold aisle
  • Automatic transfer switch
  • Static transfer switch for instant power supply changeover
  • Isolating solenoid valves
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