Airedale EasiCool™6-64kW



The EasiCool™ is a quiet, efficient, indoor precision air conditioning unit that maintains a precisely controlled air-conditioned environment within the smallest possible footprint (the EasiCool™ typically offers up to 8% more cooling per kW/m² than our previous generation system).

An excellent value, modular package that is easy to install, the EasiCool™ is ideal for small computer rooms and other critical applications where performance and reliability are essential and space is at a premium. Providing exceptional configuration flexibility, the EasiCool™ enables you to tailor unit selection to your specific application.



An extensive 374 models offer a choice of:

  • Upflow and Downflow configurations
  • 17 capacity steps
  • Three cooling types: Air cooled, water cooled or chilled water
  • Three power supplies: 400V/50Hz (-0); 380V/60Hz (-1) or 220V/60Hz (-2)
  • 6 case sizes
  • Full function (cooling, heating and dehumidification) or cooling only


  • Up to 37% increase in EER and 8% more cooling kW/m² – compared with previous generation units
  • 70% more energy saving with EC fans optional on every unit
  • Up to 62% less power input on average with hot gas re-heat option
  • Over 50% energy savings when an EasiCool™ is applied with an Airedale free-cooling chiller compared with a conventional chiller


  • 50 – 100% variable capacity control with suction throttle valve option
  • Six case sizes; each fit through a standard door frame
  • Downflow or upflow configurations
  • Quiet scroll compressors minimise sound

Operational Costs

  • Single circuit systems for quick, simple and low-cost installation, minimising multiple pipework connections
  • Optimised evaporator coils for maximum capacity ensuring a low cost per kW
  • Easy access to components from the front of the unit and full 360° unit access via detachable access panels

Quality / Reliability

  • Painted aluminium exo-frame that is extremely rigid
  • High-efficiency G4 (EU4) rated, pleated disposable filters give the superior high performance with lower airside pressure drops
  • 30mm acoustic insulation on all panels minimises sound levels for quieter operation

Features & Options

  • 76 DX (38 air cooled and 38 water cooled) and 34 chilled water models, in 6 case sizes
  • Tandem scroll compressors for reduced sound and part load efficiencies (models 20 – 64kW)
  • AV mounted, direct drive, speed controllable EC fan technology (models 6 – 26kW)
  • Variable humidification for precisely conditioned air
  • Full 360° service and maintenance access


  • Hot gas re-heat efficiently re-heats cool air during dehumidification
  • Hydronics kit – for full range of water and ambient temperatures
  • Electric heating can be upgraded with thyristor control
  • Direct drive backward curved EC fan upgrade for all indoor and outdoor units
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