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AL MAZROUI Advanced Technology is a part of the AL MAZROUI Group of Companies with specialized expertise in TURNKEY project related to Electrical, Mechanical and Civil works, much needed for the preparation of  Data Center.

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Data Center Cooling Systems

AL MAZROUI Advanced Technology, we help to select optimum specifications tailored to your application and provide support which enables you to manage your cooling system for best performance. Al Mazroui is having Precision Air Conditioning, IT Cooling, Chillers, Comfort Cooling, Condensers & Condensing Units and Air Handling Units.

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Riello UPS System

 “Reliable power for a sustainable world” is the Riello UPS philosophy condensed into few simple words; a global brand constantly searching for the most innovative solutions that ensure a safety protection: a solid critical-load protection that also keeps the protection and sustainability of Planet Earth at the forefront of our minds.

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GE UPS System

For more than a century, GE has led the way with innovative technologies and groundbreaking quality initiatives – literally helping to power the world. Along the way, through the development and delivery of state-of-the-art products and uncompromising service, GE has also built a legacy as a leading supplier of critical power solutions.

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Airedale Close Control Units or Precision Air Conditioning

Special Air Conditioning Units for Data Centers

A Close Control Unit (CCU) is designed for applications where humidity/climate control, high precision air conditioning is essential, including data centre cooling, medium and low density server environments, telecom switching stations, medical operating theatres and clean room environments.


GE UPS Systems

Uninterruptible Power Supply

GE make uninterruptible power supply offers in range of 500VA up to 4000KVA has single phase and three phase input and output. Our UPS has IGBT based rectifier and backup power supply has low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and High input power factor, equipped with menu-driven touch screen display panel, easy to read, with UPS status, metering, parameter settings and configuration.


Lindner – Raised Floors

We are dealing with two types of access raised flooring which is Ligna K 38 ST (Wood Core Type Panel), Nortec G 34 ST (Calcium Sulfate Type Panel) and perforated panels.

Raised floor panels give superb underfoot comfort. They are manufactured from wood core and calcium sulphate covered with high pressure laminated finish (HPL), non-combustible material with superlative structural and physical properties. This product also offers outstanding levels of soundproofing. As a manufacturer, we can determine the choice of raw materials used. It can be combined with many other systems and offering a great degree of flexibility.


Ortea Digital Voltage Stabilizers

Digital Voltage Stabilizer up to 6000KVA, Isolation Transformer up to 3000KVA and Automatic Power Factor Correction System

Electricity is perhaps the most essential raw material used by commerce and industry today. The electricity produced in power plants is circulated through the electricity transmission and distribution networks and it is supplied/delivered to consumers; the quality of electricity (known as «Power Quality») is one of the important factors that determine the economic efficiency of both consumers and electrical networks. Electrical devices are designed to work in distributing systems defined by set nominal values in terms of voltage and frequency (for example, 400V at 50Hz).


C&D Technologies Power Solutions

Battery Systems for UPS

Power Solutions carries the entire line of C&D Technologies, Inc. Batteries by Standby Power Division including Dynasty High Rate and Long Duration Batteries for UPS Systems and Telecommunications Systems. We also carry the entire line of Dynasty Battery Rack Systems. Our national service team is available to provide complete battery replacement services. C&D engineers and designers have consistently created innovative products and processes that improve performance and increase long-term value. For over 100 years, loyal customers have relied on C&D’s batteries to provide dependable power.


Rocket Unlimited Power

Rocket Battery Systems for UPS

The most popular series of ROCKET Batteries are ES, ESC, ESU and ESH series has been performing with a proven track record for more than 52 years. It has successfully exemplified its quality and reliability in some of the most demanding power conditions by providing un-relentless backup power supply. With the same characteristics series, it provides power reliability to applications which require longer backup time. This series is widely used in UPS as well as Telecommunication Applications in many parts of the world and recognized as a highly reliable Battery System in the industry.


HBL Nickel Cadmium Battery

Battery Systems for UPS

HSL+ type of Nickel Cadmium Battery is developed by HBL to supply power to critical and demanding applications like solar photovoltaic or renewable energy. These batteries are completely reliable, with minimal maintenance, withstand deep discharges, rough treatment, over long periods and operate at wide temperature range. HSL+ cells are available with strong steel frame structure, shocks-resistant polypropylene casing material and flame arresting spill-proof vent. This battery gets better internal recombination by using special polypropylene fibrous type of separator.


TTK Liquids Leak Detection Systems

Water Leak Detection System

TTK Digital Liquid Leak Detection Systems are based on a range of addressable sense cables and monitoring panels. TTK Liquid Leak Detection System propose 3 kinds of sense cables to detect different liquids. FG-EC water leak detection sense cables: for water and base leak detection. FG-AC acids leak detection sense cables: for acids and corrosive chemicals. FG-OD hydrocarbon leak detection sense cables: for liquid hydrocarbon and non-conductive solvents (oil / fuel / disel leak detection).


Selsor Cable Technology

Selsor Cables

Selsor Twisted Pair Cables are used to deliver high data speeds for thousands of electrical and electronic applications, which is enabled by balanced signal transmission and lower cross talk. Twisted Pair Cables are used in applications covering RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, KNX, LonWorks, ModBus, M-Bus, CAN-bus, BACnet and general interface systems. There are two twisted pair types: shielded and unshielded. Shielded Twisted Pair has a shield surrounding the conductors to protect the transmission and reduce interference, whereas Unshielded Twisted Pair cables do not.


Interberg Batteries

Interberg Batteries

Interberg Industrial and stand-by Batteries The selection of products manufactured by Interberg Batteries are not only of the highest quality but are also available in a variety of options to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. With top-of-the-line materials, cutting-edge production technologies and a highly qualified team, we guarantee complete satisfaction.

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