Airedale Inverter Compressor5-83kW

SmartCool™ Inverter Compressor5-83kW

SmartCool™ i-drive is a highly versatile, inverter compressor precision air conditioning unit within the Airedale product range. Optimised for both hot and cold aisle containment, the system is ideally suited to data centre applications and low, medium, high-density computer room cooling applications.

The incorporation of inverter compressors enables exact control, superior efficiency and performance. The SmartCool™ i-drive delivers precise supply air temperatures up to 26°C within a wide ambient envelope of -20°C to 50°C. It is a system prepared for every eventuality, responding to unexpected load variations to deliver market leading cooling density.

SmartCool™ i-drive units provide up to 83kW of downflow cooling within 4 case sizes from 900mm x 890mm x 1980mm to 1800mm x 890mm x 1980mm. All units are single circuit DX air-cooled with various configurations of inverter driven and fixed speed compressors.

As well as high part load efficiencies and constant pressure control. The SmartCool™ i-drive system also benefits longer pipe runs for increased flexibility, allowing outdoor condensers to be situated up to 100 metres from any internal unit.

The SmartCool™ i-drive’s slab coil configuration and use of optimised EC fans deliver low fan power input and reduced airside pressure drop. A performance led selection of features and options come together within the i-drive range to make your facility more productive and efficient.




  • Market leading cooling density
  • High air side efficiency
  • Long pipe runs allows outdoor condensers to be situated further away from the unit for increased system flexibility (up to 100m equivalent length)
  • High return air temperatures (up to 40°C)
  • Variable capacity speed compressors allow wide operating envelope (up to 26°C supply) with improved oil circulation
  • Wide ambient envelope (-20°C to 50°C)
  • Slab coil configuration benefits low fan power input and reduced airside pressure drop
  • Chosen compressors deliver reduced footprint, fast start sequence, and benefit less cool down in the event of power loss
  • Higher capacity and lower turndown
  • Dehumidification capability at high air on conditions whilst running at low capacity
  • Constant pressure control


  • Single circuit DX air cooled (16kW – 83kW), with either one single inverter driven compressor or a tandem compressor set
  • Downflow configuration
  • 400V 50Hz / 380V 60Hz
  • 4 case sizes (SV09 – 900mm x 890mm x 1980mm; SV12 – 1200mm x 890mm x 1980mm; SV15 – 1500mm x 890mm x 1980mm; SV18 – 1800mm x 890mm x 1980mm), 2 or 3 DX models in each case size
  • Optimised removable EC fans
  • G4 air filtration
  • Electronic expansion valves (EEV)
  • Oil separator
  • Magni-check discharge non-return valves
  • Full 360° unit access


  • High capacity compressors for ‘extreme temperature’ applications and standard capacity compressors for ‘standard temperature’ applications
  • Segregated evaporator coil allows dehumidification whilst maintain cooling capacity and operating under constant pressure control
  • Single power supply with ultracap module
  • A dual power supply including ultracap module
  • F7 air filtration
  • PGD touch display
  • Upgraded EC fan for high external static pressure applications
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